The Social Bit…


This list is anything but exhaustive and it’s likely to be pretty dynamic.

I read a lot, and yet still never seem to find the time to read everything I want too. There’s a bunch of colleagues, peers, customers, social champions, whatever that I find myself going to time and time again and I wanted somewhere to list them. So here it is.

Twitter accounts that (IMHO) are worth a follow

@CourtneyLLamas, @DBAKevlar, @SharmanPete, @Yoda_EM (fair disclosure – I work with most of these people 😋)

There’s plenty of other accounts that I think are worth following. For a management/EM focus I’d also recommend @robztw, @OracleEMSupport, @oracle_em to name but a few.

For Blogs and websites there’s a few essentials that you have to have in your ‘goto’ list…

DBAKevlar’s blog – Kellyn Gorman

Courtney’s Blog – Courtney Llamas

Pete who didn’t tweet but now seems to blog and tweet – Pete Sharman

Rob Zoeteweij

There’s a bunch of others that I’ll add here as the site evolves. I need to think about structuring them in something more formal than my brain dump 😜


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